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Product: Carbonite Online Backup

About Carbonite

Carbonite is a company that specializes in online backup. It has its headquarters in Boston, MA as well as data centres in Boston and Somerville, MA. It was founded in 2005 by David Friend and Jeff Flowers, out of pure necessity, after both their families had lost valuable data from their PCs. Friend's daughter had lost her term paper for college when her computer crashed and Flowers' wife's computer was stolen along with two years of baby photos and financial records. They realised that the only way forward was online backup. Not any online backup though. It had to be automatic, non-invasive, simple to use as well as cheap. So Carbonite came into being. It was such a success that it has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and New York Times, amongst others. It has customers in 100 countries and more than three-quarters of their customers are extremely satisfied with the product, according to satisfaction surveys.

Friend and Flowers had three joint ventures prior to Carbonite: Pilot Software; FaxNet Corporation and Sonexis Incorporated. Some of the top capital firms that back Carbonite are Common Angels, 3i Investments, Menlo Ventures, Performance Equity Management and Crosslink Capital.

Today Carbonite has 150 employees. It has backed up over 100 billion files and recovered over 7 billion files. Some most impressive statistics indeed!

The Product

Carbonite Online Backup offers unlimited, automatic online backup to its customers. Files are encrypted to ensure their safety and privacy. Access to files can be from any computer or smartphone with a free app. It comes in two versions. Home & Home Office is for individuals and families or small businesses with one to two people. The Small Business version is for businesses with three or more computers.


Carbonite's main strength lies in its ease of use. It works automatically and just a few clicks are required to recover files from theirs servers. In addition Carbonite has made it really easy for free versions to be tried out. Only an email address and password are needed to get started. Carbonite believes their customers have made the product a success and they really value their feed back. Anyone can be in touch with David Friend, the CEO, via his email address. It is available on their website.


Carbonite has received numerous awards from a variety of organisations. Some of their most recent include:
- Ranked no. 9 on the Inc. Magazine 500 list of America's fastest-growing companies
- Honored as 2011 "Most Admired Startup" by Boston Business Journal
- Named 2010 Privately-Held Company of the Year by the Mass Technology Leadership Council
- CEO David Friend Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2010 in New England
- Ranked No. 6 in the 2010 Boston Business Journal: Best Places to Work


Support for Home & Home Office
Support for Small Business
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