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Incredible Offer for Norton 360

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Norton 360 is the number one all round computer protection software that will keep viruses and malware out.

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Expiry Date: 31 October 2014
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Suitable for households with multiple PCs, Macs or devices and also for small businesses with several machines.

Upgrade Your Existing Software:

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Norton Internet Security and AntiVirus users will save by upgrading. Norton 360 users may get a better deal by purchasing a new copy under our special 360 promotional discount above.

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About Norton/Symantec

Norton is the home and small business computer software product created by Symantec. Their core products are 360, Internet Security and Antivirus and it builds these for PCs, Macs and other devices like tablets and mobiles.

Norton Utilities - Tune up your PC to make it run faster and more efficiently
Norton AntiVirus - Protects your email from spam and viruses in attachments and links.
Norton Internet Security - Protects your emails from viruses and your Internet connection from hackers with superior firewall.
Norton 360 - Gives you all the protection of Internet Security and AntiVirus plus a much higher degree of online security. Includes tune-up and backup.

Symantec is the largest maker of security software for computers. Its headquarters are in Mountain View California. It was founded in 1982 by Gary Hendrix with a National Science Foundation grant and originally focused on artificial intelligence projects. In 1984 it merged with C&E software but retained the name Symantec. C&E had planned a file management and word processing functionality which was added to an advanced Natural Language query system architected by Hendrix. This set new standards for query and report generation and their flagship product Q&A was born. In 1986 Q&A was relaunched with an aggressive advertising campaign, expenses were cut, revenues grown and cash flow break-even was achieved. As a result KPCB (Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers) backed the company in raising more capital. Q&A became the first software in the world that supported German Natural Language.

Turner Hall Publishing was founded to incorporate Symantec's second product NoteIt (an annotation utility for Lotus 1-2-3) to avoid confusion. It was named after the then CEO Rod Turner and Dottie Hall (director of marketing communications). This diversified revenues and accelerated Symantec's growth. The new name also conveyed a sense of a stable, long established company. The Turner Hall Card (a 256k RAM) and SQZ (Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet compression utility) added to the success of Turner Hall Publishings by giving the impression Symantec was already a diversified company.

In 1987 Symantec made its first merger/acquisition with BreakThrough Software maker of the TimeLine project management software for DOS. Soon after the company was reorganized around product-centric groups. Apart from sales, finance and operations being shared all other areas were specific to product groups. The success of this venture led to further merger and acquisition activity by Symantec. Companies included Peter Norton Computing (with the Norton antivirus products), ACT!, Veritas, Sygate, Altiris acquisition, PC Tools, MessageLabs, PGP and Guardian Edge, VeriSign Security and ClearWell Systems.


Symantec does not have one dominant product but has rather focused on various product technologies that are leaders in their respective segments. Symantec's rapid expansion has been primarily through acquiring on average two companies per year. Symantec's further success is on ensuring that their software and services protect against more risks at more points helping consumers to feel confident wherever information is used or stored.


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