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The Special Offers Continue – Save up to 50% off Bitdefender

Offer valid on 2021 versions of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security, Antivirus for Mac and Family Pack.
The best discounts apply when you purchase multiple year or multiple PC licenses, Family pack offers you 50% off and protection for up to 15 devices. Once on the Bitdefender site select MultiPlatform.

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Get 44% discount off BitDefender Total Security 2021

Select a 5 or 10 device option for 1 year to get the best saving.
BitDefender Total Security 2021 provides extreme protection for your PC against ALL Internet security threats. It uses the latest security programming plus offers you system maintenance and backup, while not slowing your computer down at all. Protect all the PCs, Macs, Androids and tablets in your household.

Buy BitDefender Total Security 2021

Expiry Date: 31 August 2022
Countries Valid: Worldwide

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Save 44% off Bitdefender Internet Security 2021

Best saving when you buy a 1 year, 3 device option. Buy direct from Bitdefender
BitDefender Internet Security 2021 provides Internet protection for your PC. It uses the best security programming to deliver a full protection package for your computer (without slowing it down) blocking out viruses, hackers and spam. In addition it offers parental control and firewall.

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33% discount on BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2021

The best offer is on the one year and three device option
BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2021 is a top of the range antivirus to protect your PC against malicious attacks from Internet nasties like viruses, Trojans, Worms and other malware, without slowing it down.

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$60 discount off Bitdefender Family Pack

Bitdefender Family pack protects all your family’s devices at one price. Keep your PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices up to date with the latest security product. It keeps your apps monitored for any sign of compromise, performs start up scans at high speed and makes sure you know of any possible threats to your system.

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30% discount off Bitdefender Small Office Security

Instant online 30% discount with 10 and 20 device packs plus save more if you buy more licenses
Bitdefender Small Office Security protects the PCs and Macs in your company. You can either install and run the software on your own servers or you can opt to have Bitdefender host it for you. Either way there is no technical expertise necessary, it is quick and easy to install, manage and update with no additional hardware required.

Upgrade/Renew Your Existing Software:

Save up to 50% when you upgrade or renew your existing software

You must own a previous version of Bitdefender to qualify. Yoou will be asked for your current license in order to get pricing, this can be found in your Bitdefender control panel

Free Trials and Downloads:

Free 30 Day trial of all Bitdefender 2021 Software

Includes Internet Security, Total Security, AntiVirus & Windows 8 Security

UK Discounts UK Offers and Discounts

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Save up to £40 off Bitdefender 2021 UK

Onsite discount with the option to choose multiple year or device selections
Includes Internet Security, Total Security, AntiVirus Plus & Family Pack. Choose your product below. The Family Pack gives you protection for all your household items at £40 off

Voucher Code: Onsite Discount
20% discount off UK Bitdefender Small Office Security

Get and immediate 20% discount and get addition savings with more seats
Bitdefender Small Office Security covers all the PCs and Macs in your network. Use the management console to automatically find and add computers and to manage updates. Don’t leave security in the hands of your regular staff, take action now.

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About Bitdefender

BitDefender is security and antivirus software that is owned by the BitDefender Group in Romania. It began in 2001 as SOFTWIN (the Romanian software and services company) but became the current BitDefender in 2007. It was cofounded by BitDefender CEO Florin Talpes and his wife, Mariuca. By the end of 2009 it was protecting millions of users globally and has established partnerships with IBM and Virgin Media amongst others. The company has relationships with resellers in over one hundred companies.


BitDefender’s products focus on fast and effective security software that is internationally certified. For home users the ultimate all inclusive product for all aspects of digital security is BitDefender Total Security. Next up would be BitDefender Security Suite followed by BitDefender AntiVirus. BitDefender knows that corporates requirements are more than just detecting and protecting viruses. They need a centralized platform to manage controls for all servers. This is where BitDefender Management Server comes in. BitDefender Security for File Servers offers security for both the server operating system and the data file structures.


BitDefender has led the way with excellent Internet security detection techniques that prevent the spread of malicious threats. Its huge benefit is that it protects all spheres from small businesses to global enterprises and makes use of the same award-winning technology for consumers as well as corporate networks. Everyone’s security is taken seriously by BitDefender., Virus Bulletin, ICSA Lab, Checkmark, PC World Top 100 and ComputerActive are some of the independent organizations that have rewarded BitDefender’s outstanding results.

Important Links

BitDefender Support focuses on support for consumers and businesses. Consumers can make use of the trained technicians 24/7 while businesses can contact certified representative via online services, email or phone.

BitDefender Forum

BitDefender Press Centre will link you to current trends and happenings within the BitDefender company and its partners.

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