Dragon NaturallySpeaking DisabilitiesThere are any number of physical and mental issues that could stop you from performing at your peak when it comes to computing. Some people feel pain when typing, have limited mobility, type slowly or can not type at all. Others suffer from conditions like dyslexia that stop them from being the best they can. Many of these can be aided with voice-to-text programs like Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

What is Dragon Naturally Speaking?

It is a highly developed program that converts your voice into text and helps you control your computer with your voice. Use it to control your mouse, your keyboard or applications on your computer.

You can dictate emails, blogs or other notes or make it access computer programs and then get those programs to perform specific functions. For example you could ask it to open your email program, address the email to specific people and then write the subject and message body. You can also search your computer for a file, open, edit and close it all using just your voice.

For those that have trouble reading it can read out any digital text aloud and it will also read your spoken text back to you so you can make corrections or just check that it all makes sense.

There are many more applications, your mind is the limit when it comes to functionality.

Take a quick look at the video to get an overview of the function and possibilities

Who uses Dragon?

– Professional people that want to be more productive
– Students who transcribe their notes. Some students record a lecture and then read out the important bits to Dragon later on.
– Teachers and lecturers who want to write out a syllabus or notes from research
– Chefs and cooks dictating recipes
– People in the medical field like doctors, nurses, psychologists and councilors
– A person with a learning disability, autism or dyslexia
– People that have physical disabilities or injuries like RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, missing limbs or digits etc.
– Writers, researchers and people that create articles for websites
– Police and emergency service personnel that need to write out accurate reports quicker.
– Anyone that uses a computer and wants to take notes and edit quicker than regular typing.

You can read case studies from people that use Dragon here.

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