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Offers this big don’t come along often so grab this one while you can. View almost any file without owning the specific program associated with it and without that annoying “choose program” option that comes up in Windows when you know none of your installed software will do the trick.

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Expiry Date: 31 October 2023
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If you already own Fileviewer Plus then you could save by upgrading. Compare the upgrade price to our discounted price above and choose the one that gives you the best value. Make sure you have your File Viewer Plus 2 activation key to hand in order to access the upgrade offer.

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Test out File Viewer before you buy it, kick the tyres, check its teeth and hooves and generally give it a good run. We know you’ll be impressed and make it a part of your essential tools.

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About File Viewer Plus

File Viewer Plus 3 allows you to view over 300 file types without owning the associated program. Includes most Office files, PDFs, Zip etc. Also view and convert most audio and video files like MP3, MOV, FLV etc. You’ll be able to edit and save Word documents without owning Office. Find hidden information on images and videos. Create batch conversion templates so you’ll be able to convert hundreds of images in a flash. This is an extremely useful program in anyones arsenal.

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