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Save up to 70% off HitmanPro.Alert and HitmanPro 3

Save 15% instantly with the coupon Plus save up to another 65% by purchasing additional PCs or years. The most cost effective option with the best saving is the 3 PC 3 Year version. NOTE: If you click our buttons below you will be directed to the Hitman website and the coupon will be applied to the cart automatically

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Expiry Date: 31 October 2023
Countries Valid: Worldwide

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Coupon Code: SOFTCLUB
Save 15% off HitmanPro.Alert Instantly

The more you buy the more you save. Add additional years or PCs to make the biggest savings versus buying a 1 year, 1PC version. Once you arrive at the Hitman site, select .Alert and you will be able to choose the correct combination for you.

Coupon Code: SOFTCLUB
Save 15% off HitmanPro Instantly

The more you buy the more you save. If you purchase licenses for several PCs or years at the same time you’ll come out tops. The 3 year 3 PC version will save you up to 70% versus buying just a one year or one computer version

Coupon Code: None Needed
Free Trial of HitmanPro and .Alert

Take Hitman for a test ride before you buy. This download gives you a full 30 days to see what it can do. We’re sure you’ll be impressed! Once you get to the download page select HitmanPro or scroll down for HitmanPro.Alert

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About HitmanPro

Sophos HitMan Pro 3 finds all malicious software that is active on your PC. In just minutes it finds and removes all viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, rootkits and other threats.

HitmanPro is an antimalware program that traditionally runs along with your Antivirus. It detects and destroys any malware that gets onto your machine.

Now Hitman has released a brand new program called HitmanPro.Alert. It’s an always-on software product that blocks malware from getting onto your PC in the first place. This is important because your antivirus may not be specialised enough to identify zero day exploits (not-yet known nasties) and also highly evolved malware like ransomware, where hackers are able to encrypt your computer and then ask you for a ransom to get access to your files again.

Hitman Pro vs Hitman Pro.Alert

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