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Save 50% off Kaspersky Internet Security 2020

You get the best saving on 2 or 3 year editions along with multi device options. The Multi-Device version protects up to 5 devices including PCs, Macs, mobiles and tablets.

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PLUS get up to 35% additional discount when you buy 5 or 10 Device versions of Kaspersky AntiVirus 2020. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Protects against all known viruses. Their Triple Threat Protection offers a unique set of technologies, take advantage of their immediate virus updates so you stay protected!

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Small Office Security is for companies with less than 25 PCs. Manage the security of all the users from one console, no tech knowledge needed. Includes fileserver, mobile and password manager protection. Other business products include Kaspersky Small Office Security, Endpoint Security for Business, Endpoint Security for Business.

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Kaspersky are confident that you’ll love their products and offer a free trial so you can evaluate before you commit to a purchase. Try Total Security, Internet Security & AntiVirus.

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Get discounts off Internet Security, Total Security and AntiVirus. Protect your computer with some of the best software available. Biggest discounts are on multi device and multi year licenses.

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About Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing computer security companies, continually improving its market position. It was co-founded by Russians Natalia and Eugene Kaspersky. It offers anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and anti-intrusion products. Its headquarters are in Moscow, Russia and it has regional offices in India, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Japan, People’s Republic of China, South Korea and the USA. It employs over 2,300 highly qualified specialists and its products and technologies provide protection for over 300 million users worldwide. Kaspersky Lab’s corporate client-base exceeds 200,000 companies located around the globe which consist of small and medium-sized businesses as well as large governmental and commercial organizations.

Due to Kaspersky being the first to develop many technological standards more than 120 companies are licensing technology from it. These include Check Point, Bluecoat, Juniper Networks, Sybari and Netintelligence amongst others. Part of their success is being able to offer a new-generation heuristic analyzer designed to detect newly emerging viruses, effective protection against polymorphic and macro viruses, continuously updated antivirus databases and a technique for detecting viruses in archived files. In 2008 Kaspersky Lab was ranked the fourth-largest global antivirus vendor by IDC. It was also the first Russian software company to be included in Software Top 100s two hundred.


Kaspersky Internet Security is the company’s flagship product for home users. It completely protects personal computers from all Internet threats. It regularly receives top awards in tests conducted by respected international research centres and IT publications. Kaspersky Anti-Virus also has proven antivirus technologies that provide basic protection to millions of users. Kaspersky Mobile Security is user-friendly and protects mobile devices from network attacks, malware and sms spam.

Kaspersky Lab offers a whole range of IT security solutions for the most popular operating systems. In 1999, Kaspersky Lab was the first company to introduce integrated antivirus software for workstations, file servers and application servers running on Linux/FreeBSD operating systems.Kaspersky Administration Kit allows organizations with computer networks of any size to implement a flexible model of antivirus protection management. It includes more than 40 new and improved features. Kaspersky Anti-Spam is a sophisticated spam filtration solution that boasts an excellent level of protection against unsolicited mail. Kaspersky Lab also offers a new range of IT security outsourcing services for corporations of any size,Kaspersky Hosted Email and Kaspersky Hosted Web Security .


Kaspersky strives to ensure that their belief “that everyone should be free to get the most from technology – without intrusion or other security worries”, is carried out by their team of experts. Their team has worked for fourteen years on exposing, analysing and neutralizing IT threats all the while gaining an enormous amount of knowledge and experience about malware and how to deal with it. Kaspersky has passed almost all Virus Bulletin comparative tests since August 2003. According to PC World magazine, Kaspersky anti-virus software provides the fastest updates for new virus and security threats in the industry.


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