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Awaiting new offers for Dragon Home and Dragon Professional

A strictly limited offer for Nuance and Dragon Customers. Get the latest version of Dragon Home or Professional at a discounted price while you can.
Buy from anywhere in the world with an instant download.

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Expiry Date: 31 October 2020
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Awaiting new offers for Dragon Professional 15

Dragon Professional version 15 includes all the features of Dragon home like speed and accuracy but has a number of additional features for the professional.
– Dictate and format spreadsheets using your voice.
– Create custom word lists for specific industries
– Sync with Dragon Anywhere so you can dictate on the go.
– Transcribe from audio or podcasts and much more.

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Awaiting new offers for Dragon Home 15

Dragon Home version 15 is perfect for people that want to increase their productivity by using their voice to create documents quickly. There is hardly any learning curve as Dragon recognises your voice and patterns to accurately transcribe your words. You’ll get more done sooner and with a bit of practice you’ll work out how to maximise your available time

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Awaiting new offers for Dragon Legal

This version of Dragon has a specialized dictionary of legal terms to help you to transcribe your text to notes quicker and more efficiently so that you can get on with what matters instead of writing it all out. Dragon Legal is fast and accurate and keeps on learning to make you the most productive that you can be.

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Save 17% off Dragon Anywhere

Ever need to create a world class document while you’re on the fly? Dragon Anywhere helps you to create and edit any length of note or document from your Android or iOS mobile or device and then upload it straight to the cloud for backup. Get one week FREE to try it out or choose a 12 month subscription to get 17% off.

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Save up to $100 off Dragon Home or Professional from

Instant download and Disk versions available
Use your voice to transcribe whatever is on your mind. It learns as it realises the context of your words and the corrections you make. In no time you’ll be saving many hours a month. Synchronize with Dragon Anywhere and get work done anywhere.

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Save up to $150 by upgrading to the latest Dragon Product

If you already own a Dragon Product then you can save by upgrading instead of buying a new version. Products include: Dragon Premium, Dragon Professional (PC), Dragon Medical and Dragon Legal. Downloads and Disk copies available. The latest versions offer increased performance and better integration with web browsers and other applications and even learns from emails you have written in the past to detect the kind of speech patterns you may use.

UK Discounts UK Offers and Discounts

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Get a FREE 1 month trial of Dragon Anywhere with a purchase of Dragon Pro

Add the product to the cart to see the FREE Anywhere trial. Regular trial period is only 7 days so you get an extra 3 weeks.

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Save on Dragon UK Software

Click a product range below and once on the Nuance site select home or professional versions. There are also various technology products like headsets and microphones available. These products are specifically for the UK market and will allow you to get UK specific support.

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Save 17% off Dragon Anywhere UK

Create and edit documents on your Android or iOS while on the move and then upload to the cloud. Quick and easy so you can get back to enjoying yourself instead of working. You get one week FREE to try it out and then choose your level of subscription. 12 months gives you 17% off.

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About Nuance

Nuance Communications, Inc. provides speech and imaging solutions. It is a leader in voice recognition and OCR (optical character recognition) software. Over the years it has gone through many mergers and acquisitions to get to Nuance as it is called today. Initially Nuance Communications, without the Inc., was an offshoot of SRI’s Star Lab in 1994 and was formed to create speech applications for commercial use. ScanSoft, previously known as Visioneer, entered the speech recognition software industry with Dragon Naturally Speaking. There was stiff competition between the companies until ScanSoft acquired and merged with Nuance. It then became Nuance Communications Inc. Nuance helps companies and consumers to work effortlessly and cleverly by using technologies that link man, machine and global knowledge.

Today more than 6000 people work at Nuance. It has more than 35 regional offices with its worldwide headquarters being in Burlington, MA, USA. Its EMEA headquarters are in Merelbeke, Belgium and its APAC headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Nuance has sales representation in more than 70 countries. It has achieved a whopping 40 percent compound sales growth over six years.

The Products

Nuance has a wide array of products to assist individuals, the health sector as well as business. Amongst others they offer Education, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Insurance and Legal solutions. Below are just a few of them.

One of the most successful programs has been Dragon. It offers a fast, fun plus convenient way to interact with your computer through the use of speech recognition software. So by just talking to your computer everything you do on it becomes more enjoyable and gets done faster.

Nuance PowerPDF will turn PDF or XPS files into fully-formatted Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect or RTF documents. It is the world’s most accurate and best-selling PDF converter. It can also create industry standard PDF files from any PC application. It makes sharing or archiving documents using the PDF format simple. It is three times faster than any other software when it comes to turning files into secure PDFs.


Nuance believe their strength is in creating solutions that put people in control. Whether it is speech technologies to help companies offer excellent customer service experiences, healthcare solutions that free physicians from time consuming documentation or imaging technologies for making searchable digital files from physical documents, they all give people “command of their lives”. Added to this are their “rich heritage, strong financial background, innovative technology and pervasive solutions” that are the backbone of Nuance and its ultimate success.

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