Panda Cyber Week Offer

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Save 60% off Panda Software

Choose your product (Essentials, Advanced, Complete, Premium) to Save 60% right away and add extra devices or years to save even more!

The Best Panda Security Offer on the Web

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Save up to 50% on Panda Dome Products

Protect your device with Panda’s range of excellent Internet security and AntiVirus software. Choose the level that will keep you secure. Compare versions here:
Essential: Antivirus + Firewall
Advanced: Essential + Ransomware & Malware Protection + Parental Controls
Complete: Advanced + Data Protection + Password Manager + Device Location + Tuneup
Premium: Complete + VPN + 20GB Secure Backup

Expiry Date: 31 August 2022
Countries Valid: Worldwide

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More Offers:

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Save up to an extra 90% when you take out a multi-year or multi-PC license of Panda

Add extra years or devices and you can save massive amounts versus buying a single license every year. Choose your product (Essentials, Advanced, Complete, Premium) and then make the changes to see the new price. The default is normally one year and one device. You can add up to 3 years and unlimited devices to protect.

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Save 25% off a yearly version of PandaVPN

You could need a VPN (virtual private network) for any number of reasons: Privacy, Streaming from other countries, accessing country specific versions of websites etc. Panda offers a fast, unlimited bandwidth VPN that you can use with up to 5 devices. You can connect to thousands of servers in more than twenty top countries worldwide.

Download Free Versions:

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Get Free Versions of Panda AntiVirus and VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Panda’s Free AntiVirus will scan your computer/device for viruses and malware and remove them quickly. The difference between this version and the Panda Essential version is that this one will scan your computer and external devices for existing nasties only. It will not proactively stop malware from even getting onto your machine or device in the first place. If you’d like a higher level of security then please choose a paid for option above.
The Free VPN will give you private browsing for one device. It will have limited speed, locations and bandwidth for those that just need occasional VPN use. To offer faster and unlimited private browsing for up to 5 devices then please choose the paid for version above.

UK Discounts UK Offers and Discounts

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Save up to £40 off Panda’s UK Products

Choose between Panda’s new Dome products, Essential, Advanced, Complete or Premium. The level of coverage will depend on your needs. All options will provide AntiVirus and Internet Security while the higher levels will also provide identity and privacy protection and even VPN for the Premium version. These discounts are for a limited period so get them while you can.

Buy Panda Dome UK Software 


Expiry Date: 31 August 2022

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About Panda Security

Panda is one of the biggest names in the computer protection business and has been around since 1990. In 2005 they ranked 4th in terms of size in the market. Their products are produced for the home and business environments.

Download and Installation:
Products are easy to install. Either download directly from their site or if you have bought a copy then you should receive an email with a link. Follow the instructions and it will self install in minutes. You’ll be asked to activate your account. Simple!

Support and Assistance:
Panda offers online help and telephone support. You can make use of the Knowledge Database to sort out many issues. Visit their Support page for more information

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