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Save $20 by purchasing a Parallels Desktop Subscription instead of a one time purchase.

Free Upgrades + Free Remote Access to your Mac from any device when you take a Yearly Subscription of Parallels. Now includes Parallels Toolbox, a brilliant set of utilities and tools that help you manage your Mac. New, you can also access your Mac from anywhere on a iOS/Android device or a browser, just select the subscription offer on checkout. You can cancel your subscription any time before your date of renewal. Business and Pro offers below

Buy Parallels Desktop 17

Expiry Date: 31 August 2022
Countries Valid: Worldwide

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Free Upgrades and Free Remote Access when you buy a Parallels Business or Pro License

This special offer is available on both the Parallels Business and Pro products currently. Both licenses cost the same but you also get a central management system with the Business edition. Yearly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time if you are not 100% delighted with the product

Offer Code: Onsite Discount
Save $30 when you upgrade to Parallels Desktop 17 or $50 when you upgrade to Pro

If you already own version 14 or 15 then you’re eligible to upgrade at this fantastic price. For Pro users your yearly renewal price will always remain the same if you upgrade during this special offer period.
Parallels Desktop for Mac comes out as one of the most tested, believed-in and recommended solutions for running Windows applications on your Macintosh computer. You can easily run both Windows and Mac applications side-by-side without rebooting. Drag and drop files between Windows and Mac applications, launch Windows applications from your Mac dock, and do much more quickly, easily and with a very small learning curve.

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Students, Save $40|€40|£40 off Parallels Desktop 17

That’s a massive 50% off the regular price. This deal is primarily for customers in USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia. You must be a student, academic, staff member or teacher at a valid educational institution to qualify

Coupon Code: Onsite Discount
Save up to $20 off Parallels when you buy from

Buy version 17 from to save on the regular price. Please note that prices fluctuate on Amazon daily. You can choose between an instant download or a key card and between Desktop or Pro versions. Free shipping on posted versions/keycards

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Save up to 20% off Parallels Toolbox for PC or Mac

Parallels Toolbox Coupon CodeBest discount is on the Team version where you save 20% off for your whole work crew.
Parallels toolbox offers you a set of more than 30 tools to help you manage your Windows or Mac computer and media. Aimed at the professional and home user it offers handy items to better control your presentations, clean up and speed up your computer, remove duplicate files, download and convert videos, capture complex and long screenshots and much more. It’s lightweight and won’t slow your computer down while keeping your most used tools close to hand.
Now available: Buy packs for specific features of Toolbox. Only $9.99 | €9.99 | £7.99. Choose from Screen and Video Pack, Disk and System Pack or Presentation Pack.

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Save up to 13% when you buy a 2 year version of Parallels Access

Parallels Access allows you to view the files, data, photos and other information on your computer from anywhere. It’s fast, secure and reliable so you never need to be without your important files, no matter where in the city, country or world you are. You’ll never wish you had your main computer with you again.

Upgrade Your Existing Software:

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Save $30 when you upgrade to Parallels Desktop 17 or Pro instead of buying a new version

Upgrading is easy, click the link below, choose your version, either Desktop for Mac or Pro and continue to enjoy the latest version. You must already own a previous version, either 14 or 15 to qualify for an upgrade

Free Trials and Downloads:

Free Trial of Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac

You get a full 14 days to test out Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac. Kick the tires, check its teeth and hooves or whatever else you’d like to do to make sure it’s going to perform as you’d like it to. We’re certain you’ll love it and have many productive hours with this superb program.

UK Discounts UK Offers and Discounts

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Save £10 by purchasing a Yearly Subscription instead of a one time purchase.

Free upgrades + free Remote Access for Parallels Desktop UK when you take a yearly subscription. You’ll get Free Upgrades when new versions are released and Free remote access to your computer with Parallels Access. When you check out make sure you select the subscription option to take advantage of this offer. Your subscription can be cancelled any time before the renewal date so it’s a risk free purchase!

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Free Upgrades + Remote Access when you buy Parallels Desktop, Pro or Business UK

Choose the version that suits your home or work situation for maximum productivity with Windows and Mac dual functionality. You’ll be able to access your Mac from any location worldwide with your phone or other browser enabled device.

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Save £30 off UK Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac or Pro by upgrading your current version instead of buying a new version.

The Desktop 17 version is primarily for home or student users while the Pro version is for businesses, developers, testers or high end users. Now includes Parallels Toolbox.

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UK Students, Save £36 (50%) off Parallels Desktop 17

Once on the Parallels page scroll to the bottom to see the link to the Student Discount.The offer is run though Parallel’s student partner, On The Hub. You must be a student, academic, staff member or teacher at a valid educational institution to qualify. Search for your school and sign in, there are more than 60 000 schools listed in almost anywhere in the world.

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Save up to £16 off Parallels Toolbox for Windows or Mac UK

The Team version saves you 20% off for your whole work crew.
A fantastic set of tools to help you be more productive and take control over your PC or Mac.

If you spot any expired or non working promotional discount codes or coupons please let us know.

About Parallels

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Parallels, previously a company under SWsoft, is a virtualization technology company that was launched in 2005. In 2008 SWsoft decided to merge with Parallels instead of operating as separate entities. It also decided to operate under the brand Parallels.

Today it has more than 700 employees and has offices in the USA (Renton, WA), Germany, UK, France, Japan, China, Russia and Ukraine. In January 11 Parallels acquired ModernGigabyte, LLC.

The Products

Parallels offers Desktop software, Server software and Automation software.

Desktop software’s main product is Parallels Desktop for Mac which lets the user run Windows on your Mac side-by-side with Mac.

Remote Application Server, Parallels Toolbox for Mac, Parallels Access and more


Parallels is focused on the current and future needs of its customers in all areas. It offers a complete family of products. This family offers a wide range of system support for current systems. The company makes use of hypervisor and container technologies, ensuring the widest range of scenarios and benefits are served.


Parallels most recent awards include: Macworld Awards Best Consumer Software; Good Housekeeping- Best Products; Macworld-Editor’s Choice Award 5/5 Stars.

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