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Pinnacle Studio 24 helps you to create, edit and enjoy your video clips. Three step process quickly and easily guides you through capturing, sharing and enhancing your home movies.
1) Capture your movies or upload clips
2) Edit and add photos, music, titles and transitions
3) Burn your materpiece to DVD, tape or upload to the web.

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Expiry Date: 31 October 2023
Countries Valid: Worldwide

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More Offers:

Coupon Code: 15PINNSAVE
Save 47% off Dazzle DVD Recorder HD

Combine the onsite discount plus our coupon to get the best possible deal off Dazzle DVD Recorder HD. Dazzle helps you capture clips from analogue or non-digital devices like Video, DVD, Hi8 and others and turn it into a digital format. Easily edit, add effects and sound with the included Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle.

Coupon Code: 15PINNSAVE
Save 15% off Pinnacle Scorefitter and Creative Packs

Need Royalty free music for your projects? Then Scorefitter could be perfect for you, an easy way to add character and atmosphere to your creations. There are three different versions to choose from. The Creative Packs allow you to add classy and creative DVD menus, Montage themes and titles to your movies. Choose from creative packs 1-3 and also the winter and holiday packs

Upgrade Your Existing Software:

Coupon Code: 15PINNSAVE
Save up to 60% by upgrading your current version to 24 instead of buying new

Upgrading is easy, if you already own Pinnacle Studio 15 or higher then you qualify automatically for an upgrade. You’ll need your serial number when installing in order to get the new program to function. If you own version 22 then upgrading is free

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About Pinnacle

Pinnacle create video editing software for the home and small business market. Their products include Pinnacle Studio and Dazzle.

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