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Includes all Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe and web development. If you want to improve your skills, start training now to get ahead in your work or personal environments.

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Offer Code: SOFTCLUB
35% off Professor Teaches Excel

Initial and advanced training with Professor Teaches Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Take your Excel knowledge to the next level with this comprehensive and easy to understand course that will help you to become a spreadsheet master in no time at all. Better knowledge of Excel can directly improve your job productivity, prospects and salary so start learning now.

Coupon Code: SOFTCLUB
35% Discount off Professor Teaches Word

Professor Teaches Word 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 shows you how to create superior documents and present them professionally. Follow the easy learning sequence that includes practice so that you’re ready for the next level. Then progress until you are confident that you have mastered the program. Microsoft Word is the top rated document creation software and the standard in the office industry.

Voucher Code: SOFTCLUB
Purchase Professor Teaches Microsoft Office Training Bundles at up to $14 off

Professor Teaches Office Training bundles include the most popular programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook and Windows for 2010 and 2013. Learn one at a time to become a true Microsoft pro and improve your work productivity. At a low price starting at $12, these training sessions really can’t be beaten for quality and value.

Coupon Code: SOFTCLUB
$5 savings off Professor Teaches Access Instruction

If you need to organize large amounts of data then Professor Teaches Microsoft Access is the program for you. Learn how to create databases, query the database and many more functions that will get you started on a new skill set. Includes instruction, practice, excercises and tests to make sure you grasp all the concepts

Discount Code: SOFTCLUB
Save $5 off Professor Teaches PowerPoint Training

Powerpoint is an invaluable program to present your work in a clear and professional way. Professor Teaches Powerpoint will help you to grasp the basic and advanced features of this software and use it in your everyday life. Better presentations mean better career propects.

Coupon Code: SOFTCLUB
$5 price reduction off Professor Teaches MS Outlook

Outlook is a powerful email management program that includes calendar, tasks, to do lists etc. Professor teaches Outlook will show you how to send emails, plan meetings and be more productive in the precious time that you have available each day.

Coupon Code: SOFTCLUB
Save 35% off other Professor Teaches software

Professor Teaches Business Planning, Accounting Fundamentals, Dreamweaver, HTML, Photoshop and QuickBooks. Let Professor show you how learn and progress your career or hobby. Knowledge is power so take the time to learn a new skill each month, whether it’s academic or for fun.

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About Professor Teaches

Professor Teaches is an individual Software product that shows learners the basics of various programs. Courses are structured and follow step by step until the student has mastered each section. At the end of each section there are quizzes and tests to make sure you have grasped the coursework properly. These are suitable for business employees, schools, non profits and for those just wanting to learn a new skill.

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