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Premium Security protects up to 10 devices incl. PC, Mac and mobile devices (Up to $50 off)
Maximum protects up to 5 devices incl. PC, Mac and mobile devices (Up to $50 off)
Internet Security protects up to 3 PCs (Up to $40 off)
AntiVirus Plus protects 1 PC (Up to $10 off)

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Expiry Date: 31 October 2023
Countries Valid: Worldwide

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Promotional Code: No Coupon Needed
Save up to $62 off Mac Security 2021 Software

There are several products you can choose from to protect your Mac
Maximum secure between 5 and 10 Macs/devices (up to $62 off)
AntiVirus for Mac protects 1 Mac (Save $10)

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About Trend Micro

Trend Micro has provided security services and software to home and business users since 1988, more than 25 years! Their customers and clients span the world and every industry including healthcare, finance, government, education and tech services.

More recently they have been exploring cloud services to deliver security to businesses without having to incur the costs and management of a large IT team to oversee it. They have won many product awards from websites, magazines and the industry.

Trend Micro are known for their industry short film series on technology called 2020 in which they explore the impact of technology on our lives and the effect of security.

Home users can get support in 4 ways:
1. Online Knowledge Base
2. Chat
3. email
4. Phone
1 (800) 864-6027 (USA)

In addition there is a Premium Support service where operators will log into your computer virtually.

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