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Save 15% off Zemana AntiMalware Premium

If you’ve been unlucky enough to be infected with malware then take a deep breath because Zemana Antimalware Premium can help. It will scan, detect and remove even the most persistent malware, adware, spyware and scumware. Once your computer is clean it will protect it going forward too so that it doesn’t even get near the gate. Worried about ransomware? Zemana AntiMalware has that covered too.

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Expiry Date: 31 October 2023
Countries Valid: Worldwide

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Save 15% off Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana Antilogger is neither an antivirus nor an antimalware. It is a heuristic (predictive) software program that detects and shuts down potential threats by proactive analysis, without having to rely on updates. What it does is build its foundation onto existing anti-malware applications by increasing protection and delivering an extra layer of active security. Even if you have the latest and greatest anti-malware, anti-rootkit and firewall systems running on your computer, most often you are still vulnerable to prowling outside threats.

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Save to to 30% off Zemana AntiMalware with MultiBuy

If you buy a 2 or 3 year license of Zemana AntiMalware then you can get up to a third off. Why worry about renewing each year, make sure you’re constantly protected. Zemana AntiMalware will keep those nasties out for good plus removes any adware that may have attached itself to your browser, so there’s zero chance of annoying popups or adverts.

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Get 15% off Zemana Mobile Antivirus

If you think your Android device is safe from outside attack you’re wrong. It’s a high target area and Zemana’s Mobile Antivirus can keep yours safe from viruses, key loggers, spyware and other malware. The best bit is that it scans quickly and doesn’t have any effect on your battery life so you can keep on doing your thing. Don’t take a chance, it’s an inexpensive safeguard to give you peace of mind.

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FREE versions of Zemana AntiMalware and AntiLogger

Did you know you can get the basic features of Zemana AntiMalware and AntiLogger for free? They will remove existing malware and stop the processes but you will not get future protection of your computer so unless you take other measures you’ll be wide open to attack again. We’d highly suggest buying the full versions but if you have an emergency then download these now for an instant cure. These are different from the free trials in that they are limited versions, you could also get a free trial below for 15 days if you’d prefer to try the full product capabilities.

Free Trials and Downloads:

Get a free trial of Zemana Software

Choose between Zemana AntiMalware, AntiLogger or Mobile Antivirus. You’ll have 15 full days to take the full version on a test ride and see what it can do. If you love it after that then you can buy it. No credit card details are needed before then in order to purchase.

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