Note: SpeedZooka and SpyZooka are now combined into one super product at a new lower price!

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ZookaWare Pro is the latest version from Zookaware, it includes both SpeedZooka and SpyZooka. ZookaWare Pro will help get your computer running at optimal speed. It does this by defragmenting your computer and registry, removing unnecessary files and folders, optimizing the startup program list and performing other cleanup functions. ZookaWare Pro also identifies and removes all spyware on your computer and also offers around the clock protection to keep new malware out. You can set it to scan on a regular basis in case your computer has been infected with a brand new spyware threat.

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Offer Code: SOFTCLUB
Save up to $20 when you purchase Zookaware Pro for more than 1 computer

If you have several computers in your household then why not buy all your licenses at the same time. You’ll save a bunch and keep your computers spyware free and tuned up. When you buy multiple licences at the same time it costs you much less. 2 licenses cost just $39.95 or $20 per computer. 3 licenses will cost $49.95 or just $16.65 per computer.

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Once on the Zookaware site click “Start Download” to get the product. ZookaWare Pro has a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so there is absolutely no risk. In addition, it is certified free of adware and popups and is easy to uninstall should you decide you no longer require it.

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About ZookaWare

Zookaware has been in operation since 2004. Founded by a regular Internet user, Carl Haugen, who was tired of getting popups and spyware on his computer, products are designed with the average computer person in mind. They are easy to use and do exactly what they promise with no hidden catches.

Zookaware Pro has been created to include SpyZooka, RegZooka and Speedzooka in one easy to use product. Now you get it all for one low price.

SpeedZooka Demo Video:

SpyZooka received 5 Stars from:
–  Tucows
–  5 Star Share
–  Shareware River.
–  Downloads 3000

“With recent updates, Spyzooka has become the leader of the pack in Anti-Spyware programs… SpyZooka has a very appealing name (it makes me picture a little Rambo running through my computer blasting spyware), and now that they have updated, it works like a charm.” reviewica.com.

“SpyZooka detects and removes a variety of issues from spyware, adware, and keyloggers to malware, hijackers, and rogue antispyware. SpyZooka also claims to deal with ‘any related threats’ which leads us to believe that this is one of the most complete spyware options out there”.-reviewmoz.org

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